No matter the language you are learning, MemoWord is the indispensable
assistant to help you master new vocabulary and go over the words you
already know. Download the app and enjoy  how easy and fast you can
memorize new words and phrases.

If you would like to use our system as efficiently as possible, please take
a few minutes to go over the features of the application.
Your account in the system
Open the application and enter your email. After you confirm
the email, the system will create your account.

When you create an account, you can save and use cards with new
words and phrases on different devices, as well as restore all created
or downloaded vocabulary whenever and wherever you like.
Getting started
Create your first language profile by selecting the language
combination for your cards and lists.

The source language in the Russian version is selected by default.
Please select a different source language, if necessary.

Select from the language learning list.

You can also choose pronunciation options
for most languages.
Card screen
This is the main screen for creating cards.

Enter your word or phrase in the top box (or use the talk-to-type feature).

Press the translate button in the middle of the screen.

Evaluate the correctness of the translation and, if necessary, adjust
it (translation may not be accurate - as any translation done by software -
please take this into consideration.).

Please take note of the "Other options" link. If it is highlighted,
then the word or expression has other translation options.
A card has a few handy features:

   - you can use the voice recorder to make entries
   - select a part of speech for a word by changing a card color sticker
   - listen to the pronunciation (in most languages)
   - save your own tip to the card.

You can save a card to one or more lists.
By default, all cards are saved to My Words list.
But you can create your own lists.

Click the check mark at the bottom of the screen - the card is now saved.
Additional features
Cards in the lists
Now let us see where you can find the card you created.
Go to the Lists screen, locate My Words list and open it.
Here's your card.

Drag the left edge of the line to the right - you can now
listen to your word or phrase.

Drag the right edge of the line to the left. This way you can
delete the card or assign the "Repeat", "I Know"
or "Difficult" statuses to it.

Don't forget about the search field at the top of the window - you can find
any card very quickly.
Let's go back to the list screen. The lists also have
administration panels.

Drag the line with My Words list to the left, and you will see the Edit
(use it to change the name and author of the list) and Repeat icons.
Press the Repeat icon and mark all the cards in the list
for subsequent revision.

You can also see here the "I Know", "Difficult" and "Repeat"
service lists. These lists will include cards that you marked with
the corresponding markers.
Managing Lists
Creating a new list
Now let's try to create a new list.
Press on the icon in the upper leftpart
of the screen with lists.

Enter the name of the list, its author and description in the new window.
The last two fields are optional, but you might need them in the future
if you wish to share the list with your friends or students.

Below you can see a check mark for the default list.
If you mark it, the new cards will be saved
by default to this list.
Default list and download
Default list and download Now you can see the created list -
along with other lists.

If you wish to save cards to My Words base list again, drag
the left edge of the line with this list to the right. Press the
asterisk, and you will mark the My Words list as the Default
list once again.

Now let's see if there are ready-made sets of cards in the system
for your language pair? Press the icon in the upper right corner -
the application will load the register of lists available for download.
Lists available for download
Some lists that are available for download are free and some
of them you will have to pay for.

Download any free sample list - it will appear
among your lists.

Tap to open the list and view the cards. If you do not need some
of the cards from the list, you can delete them or edit them
in whichever way you like.
Memorization mode
The application currently has two modes for working with cards -
"I learning" and "I'm choosing".

You can choose the contents of the cards you wish to work with
at the top of the screen. By default, all the cards will be included
in the memorization array, but you can only select certain lists.

There is a link to adjust memorization modes at the bottom of the screen.
Default options:
- show cards that were marked as difficult twice as often;
- do not show the cards that were already mastered;
- show cards starting from the source language.

You can change the display options in the settings.
"I'm learning" is the main card memorization mode. Look at the word
or phrase on the card. Do you already know how it is translated?
How it is pronounced? Flip the card (by tapping it) -
check your knowledge.

If you have not yet memorized this card, think of some
sort of association with the new expression. If necessary,
type a hint for yourself.

Phrases and words that are hard to memorize can be noted
for more frequent repetition. Swipe the card down.
The card will fall into the "Difficult" list and will appear
for you twice as often.
"I'm learning" memorization modes - difficult
"I'm learning" - "I know" memorization mode
If you believe that you have already memorized the card - swipe it up.
Then the card will fall into the "I know" list and will no longer appear
in the memorization modes.

We advise you to use this option when you are sure that you have
memorized a word or a phrase after you chose it correctly several
times when it was shown to you in both the source and the target languages.

Swipe through the cards, remember what they mean, turn them over,
check your knowledge, mark them as memorized when you are sure
you have memorized them - and continue the process until you memorize
all the cards.
"I'm choosing" memorization mode
In "I'm choosing" mode, you can swipe through the cards and choose
the translation out of three available options.

After you select and verify the answer, you can either go to
the next card, or turn this one over to look at it again and memorize
what it means.

In the "I'm learning" memorization mode, you can add
a Hint to the card, listen to the pronunciation or go to
the card editing mode.
Settings and options
In the settings you can also:

a) create additional language profiles and switch between them, if necessary
b) manage the subscription to the application
c) add a password to open the application
d) set your personal lesson plan
We wish you lots of success with MemoWord
We have no doubt that you will appreciate how user-friendly
your new assistant is!

MemoWord - for those who feel that one language isn't enough!
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The MemoWord system for easy memorization of foreign words and expressions specifies that the functionality of the application in terms of translation, pronunciation and recorder features
in different languages ​​depends on the built-in gadget functionality and may not be available for some foreign languages. Foreign words and phrases in MemoWord applications are translated
by software using free or paid API services by Google Translate, Glosby and MyMemory. The MemoWord system is not responsible for mistakes in the translation of words and phrases.
Please be sure to verify the quality of the translation.

MemoWord applications with full functionality are available in the AppStore and GooglePlay for free testing for 10 days. The user will then be asked to choose one of the subscriptions for the
application - a monthly subscription for 2,99$, a three-month subscription for 7,99$, a six-month subscription for 13,99$, or a one-year subscription for 23,99$s. The application
will also offer options to pay for content - ready-to-use themed sets of cards with foreign words and phrases.

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